Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Diet Vacation

My wife is participating in a “Biggest Loser” style challenge at a local gym – Team AMS. It is an 8-week challenge that includes a cardio-kickboxing class (3 times per week), strength and conditioning class (3 times per week immediately following the cardio class), one private session per week with the instructor, Hank Hanasik, and he will address diet and lifestyle issues. The top two winners win money. More importantly, people are going to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy life.

Even though my wife has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, eating right, and exercising, I know that the Team AMS challenge is going to help her out. Being able to work with Hank one on one at least once a week is not going to hurt either. I would love to join the challenge myself, but we both cannot do it. Someone needs to watch the children, and besides, my wife is a Stay-at-Home mom. She needs to get out with adults way more than I do, and she deserves to do it. Not to mention, I know that she will inspire me to eat healthier and start exercising again. She is very motivational that way.

I was following a very healthy life-style from April until about mid-July, and it was all because she started taking a cardio-kickboxing class at Team AMS in March. I was eating really healthy, watching my portions, and employing some self control. Then at the end of July, I just became weak and I got lazy. I started eating garbage like hot dogs and chips and ice cream. I totally stopped exercising. It was shameful.

The Team AMS challenge starts tomorrow (9/08). My healthy life-style and exercise regime starts again too. When I am doing things right, I try to eat well balanced meals that are lower in fat and high in protein. I include a lean protein, vegetables, and a starch – Yes, I eat carbs. I should qualify my food plan by saying that I am not trying to lose any weight. I am trying to get fit.

I also allow myself one cheat meal a week. This meal has no limits. I can eat whatever I want and as much of it as I want. The funny thing is that I usually end up controlling myself during my cheat meal just because I realize how hard I have been working and I feel guilty gorging myself. The guilt isn't a bad guilt like when your mom makes you feel bad about not calling her more often. No, this guilt is the “I cannot let my team down” kind of guilt.

I just feel better when I eat healthy. I have more energy which creates a positive cycle. I cannot really figure out what caused me to become so lazy for a month and half. No matter, tomorrow I start back on my healthy path and say Goodbye Diet Vacation.

I also wish my wife and the rest of folks taking the Team AMS challenge good luck.

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